Dniester Canyon – the Dniester River canyon, located at the territory of Dniester River Valley in Ukraine. On February 3, 2010, the Regional landscape park "Dnister Canyon" was promoted to the status of the National Nature Park.[1]

Dniester Canyon
Дністровський каньйон
Dniester landscape in West Ukraine
LocationTernopil Oblast, Ukraine
Population centersBorshchiv Raion, Buchach Raion, Zalishchyky Raion, Monastyryska Raion


Dniester Canyon, close to the mouth of Strypa, Ternopil region.
Dniester Canyon at the village of Pylypche, Borshchiv Raion, Ternopil Oblast of western Ukraine

The Dniester River is the second largest and the most ecologically clean river in Ukraine[citation needed]. The canyon is partly flooded by reservoir waters. At its deepest it reaches around 50 meters. Dniester Canyon is a 250 km (160 mi) river segment from the mouth of Zolota Lypa River to the mouth of Zbruch. Here the Dniester flows in a canyon valley with a depth of 80–200 m (260–660 ft).

The steep canyon slopes are of limestone and it was chosen as one of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine.

Within the canyon there are more than ten karst caves and grottoes. Small waterfalls of so-called "maiden's tears", run along copse thick bryophyte rocks.


The most valuable and picturesque part of the whole Dniester is the 250 km-stretch from the mouth of the river Zolota Lypa to the mouth of the river Zbruch, which is called the Dnister Canyon. The nature of the Dniester Canyon is specific and original. These are first of all picturesque landscapes and their versatility which impart contribute to the originality of these routes. The steep rocky or wooden banks with the heights to 200 m (660 ft), unique travertine rocks and geological exfoliation, caves and grottoes with signs of human settlement upon them, waterfalls, picturesque islands, monuments of nature, history, architecture, ethnography – all these can be seen miles and miles. And all this is a wild and virginal nature which gives a perfect possibility to plunge into the world of silence and calmness.

Canyon segmentsEdit

Dniester Canyon is a 250 km (160 mi) segment of Dniester River from the mouth of Zolota Lypa to the mouth of Zbruch.

  • Dniestrovo-Beremyanskyi Canyon (situated between villages HubynBeremianyKhmeleva) is another canyon within. Its depth reaches 200 m (660 ft), width – from 1 to 5 km (0.62 to 3.11 mi), length – 10 km (6.2 mi).


The National Nature Park Dniester Canyon was established along the Dniester River course by Presidential Decree 2010 and Decree of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources on December 12, 2011.[2]


The Dniester Canyon attracts thousands of water tourists each year.

Alloy on the Dniester river is one of the most interesting trips in Ukraine. Picturesque landscapes include steep rocky or forest banks of 200 m high, unique travertine rocks and geological removed layers, caves and grottoes, waterfalls, islands, monuments of nature, history, architecture, ethnography.


The villages of Isakiv and Odaiv that are located at the canyon attract skydivers not only from Ukraine, but also from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, and many other countries. Twice a year All-Ukrainian and International skydiving competition takes place here.


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