Digby Stuart College

Digby Stuart College is one of the four constituent colleges of the University of Roehampton.

Digby Stuart College
University of Roehampton
LocationRoehampton, London, England
Coordinates51°27′24″N 0°14′35″W / 51.4566°N 0.2431°W / 51.4566; -0.2431Coordinates: 51°27′24″N 0°14′35″W / 51.4566°N 0.2431°W / 51.4566; -0.2431
Named forMother Janet Stuart and Mother Mabel Digby

The college was established in 1874 as Wandsworth College, a women's teacher training college, by the Roman Catholic Society of the Sacred Heart, an order of French religious women who settled at Roehampton in 1850, having first arrived in England in 1846. The college moved to Roehampton and was renamed in honour of Mother Janet Stuart and Mother Mabel Digby in 1946.[1] The college became coeducational in 1971.[2]

In 1975, the college became part of the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, which became Roehampton University in 2004.

Currently, approximately 2,000 of Roehampton's 8,000 students, are assigned to Digby Stuart College with about 450 living on the campus. Notable alumni include composer Estelle White.

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