Die Rheinpfalz

Die Rheinpfalz is a German language regional newspaper based in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The paper is one of the leading newspapers which serve for the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.[1]

Die Rheinpfalz
Die Rheinpfalz logo.svg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Medien Union GmbH
Founder(s)Josef Schaub
EditorMichael Gaethe
Founded1945; 75 years ago (1945)
Circulation223.570 (4th Q, 2017)
WebsiteDie Rheinpfalz

History and profileEdit

Headquarters of Rheinpfalz in Ludwigshafen

Die Rheinpfalz was first published in September 1945.[2][3] The co-founders of the paper were Arthur Lenk, Hans Wipprecht and Xaver Resch.[3] The Allied Forces that occupied Germany following World War II supported the establishment of the paper of which the parent company is the Medien Union GmbH.[3] The paper is owned by Stuttgarter Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH[4] which also owns Freie Presse, Südwestpresse and Stuttgarter Zeitung, among the others.[5]

Die Rheinpfalz is published by a company with the same name,[6] Die Rheinpfalz Verlag und Druckerei GmbH.[7] The company is a subsidiary of Medien Union GmbH and also, operates the website of the paper.[8] The headquarters of the paper is in Ludwigshafen.[9][10]


The circulation of Die Rheinpfalz was 346,800 copies in the mid-1990s.[11] In 2001 the paper had a circulation of 247,000 copies.[12] It rose to 249,980 copies in the second quarter of 2003.[5] Its circulation was 242,560 copies in the first quarter of 2006.[13] It was 235,542 copies in the first quarter of 2012.[8]


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