Denis Thériault

Denis Thériault (born August 24, 1959) is a Quebec writer. His first novel, L'Iguane, was published in 2001. It won that year's Prix Anne-Hébert and Prix Quebec-France/Jean-Hamelin, and was the winning title in the 2007 edition of Le Combat des livres.

Denis Thériault (2016)

His second novel, Le Facteur émotif, was published in 2004. Its English translation by Liedewy Hawke, titled The Postman's Round, was published in 2008.


  • The Iguana (2003) ISBN 9781550024586 (Dundurn Press)
  • The Postman's Round (2008) ISBN 9781550027853 (Dundurn Press)
  • The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman (2017) ISBN 9781786070531 (Oneworld Publications)
  • The Postman's Fiancée (2017) ISBN 978-1-78607-113-2 (Oneworld Publications)
  • The Boy Who Belonged to the Sea (2018) ISBN 978-1-78607-335-8 (Oneworld Publications)

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