Delete (miniseries)

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Delete is a miniseries about a reporter and a young hacker who uncovers an artificial intelligence which has become sentient.[1]

Directed bySteve Barron
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes2
Executive producer(s)Shawn Williamson
Running time3h
Original release2012 (2012) –
2013 (2013)



Delete imagines a disaster in our all-too-fragile digital world where the Internet becomes dangerously self-aware with one systematic purpose, to protect itself and destroy mankind. Faced with possible extinction, there is only one way out – create a second artificial intelligence, just as powerful, just as intelligent and just as dangerous, as the only possible solution able to combat it - but with governments in a panic and the whole world in chaos, are they even able to match this unprecedentant foe...?

Production detailsEdit

Written and distributed by Sonar Entertainment of New York City, the series consists of two feature-length episodes. It was shot on location in Vancouver and produced by Vancouver-based Brightlight Pictures.[2]


The series won two Leo Awards, from the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia, for Best Picture Editing and Best Television Movie.[3]


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