Deer Creek (also Issaquena Creek or Lower Deer Creek) is a creek in the U.S. state of Mississippi. Its source is Lake Bolivar, in Scott, Bolivar County, Mississippi.

Deer Creek
Deer Creek - Scott, Mississippi.jpg
Bridge of abandoned Illinois Central Railroad line across Deer Creek in Scott
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceLake Boliver
 ⁃ locationScott, Bolivar County, Mississippi
 ⁃ coordinates33°35′56″N 91°04′50″W / 33.59889°N 91.08056°W / 33.59889; -91.08056
MouthYazoo River
 ⁃ location
Warren County, Mississippi
 ⁃ coordinates
32°32′44″N 90°47′43″W / 32.54556°N 90.79528°W / 32.54556; -90.79528Coordinates: 32°32′44″N 90°47′43″W / 32.54556°N 90.79528°W / 32.54556; -90.79528

As Deer Creek flows south through the Mississippi Delta, it passes through the following counties: Bolivar, Washington, Sharkey, Issaquena, and Warren; and through the following communities: Metcalfe, Stoneville, Leland, Burdett, Arcola, Hollandale, Panther Burn, Nitta Yuma, Anguilla, Rolling Fork, Cary, Onward, and Valley Park.

The Deer Creek watershed is connected to the Big Sunflower River via the Rolling Fork Creek, a connection that occurs only at high water stages and can flow either way.[1]


Deer Creek's name is an accurate preservation of its native Choctaw name isi okhina, meaning "deer river".[2]

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