Debet, Armenia

Coordinates: 40°55′03″N 44°38′57″E / 40.91750°N 44.64917°E / 40.91750; 44.64917

Debet (Armenian: Դեբետ, also Romanized as Debed; formerly, Khachigyukh) is a village in the Lori Province of Armenia.


Panorama of Debet village, Lori Province, Armenia 02.jpg
Debet is located in Armenia
Coordinates: 40°55′03″N 44°38′57″E / 40.91750°N 44.64917°E / 40.91750; 44.64917
Marz (Province)Lori
1,100 m (3,600 ft)
 • Total945
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )

Development ProgramsEdit

In 2015 some programs started to be implemented in Debet by Children of Armenia Fund.

Arts Clubs, Music and Dance Clubs, Debate Clubs, English Language Instruction,[1] Social and Psychological Assistance, Child Development Center, Psychological Theater, Support to Children with Learning Difficulties, Health and Lifestyle Education, School Nutrition & Brushodromes, Free Dental Care, Women Health Screenings, Support for Reproductive Health were implemented in the village. Playground, Cafeteria and Brushodrome were created and renovated in the village by COAF.

In may, 2018 COAF SMART Center was opened in the village of Debet. This is an education hub for children and adults to gain new skills, ideas, create and find new path in their lives.[2]

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