Day of the Cobra

Day of the Cobra (Italian: Il giorno del Cobra) is a 1980 Italian poliziottesco film directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

Day of the Cobra
Il giorno del Cobra.jpg
Italian poster for Day of the Cobra
Directed byEnzo G. Castellari
Produced byTuri Vasile[1]
Screenplay by
Story byAldo Lado[1]
Music byPaolo Vasile
CinematographyGiovanni Bergamini[1]
Edited byGianfranco Amicucci[1]
Release date
  • August 12, 1980 (1980-08-12)
Running time
95 minutes[1]
Box office₤489 million


Director Enzo G. Castellari initially approached Vasile with a script written by Vasile's son. The boxing film project was shelved and Vasile offered Castellari to direct Day of the Cobra.[1] Day of the Cobra was written by Aldo Lado who was initially going to direct the film.[1] Lado's story was initially set right after World War II in Trieste.[2] Castellari's film is set in the present day and he imagined the film a "homage to Chandler.[2]

Castellari cast many actors who he had previously worked with, including Franco Nero and Massimo Vanni.[2] He also cast some of his family members such as his brother Enio Girolami and daughter Stefania.[2]

Day of the Cobra was shot on location in San Francisco, Genoa and at Incir-de Paolis in Rome.[1]



Day of the Cobra was released on August 12, 1980.[1] The film grossed a total of 489,000,000 Italian lira on its domestic release.[1] The score of the film by Paolo Vasile was released by Cinevox.[1]


According to the German book Der Terror führt Regie: "Day of the Cobra is technically pure cinema. The film suffers a bit in its pandering to American viewing habits."[3] Online film database AllMovie gave the film two stars out of five, stating that a "key flaw is the maddening story line, which manages to be over-complicated and half-baked all at once." and that "elements of the story simply rehash other, better thrillers, like The French Connection."[4] The review noted that the film contains "a few worthwhile action set pieces. The rooftop chase that opens the film is quite exciting and there is also a memorably tongue-in-cheek scene where Nero dukes it out with a transvestite in an empty disco. However, the viewer must wade through a lot of clichés and dull passages to get to these moments"[4]

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