Dr Daniel Nuñez del Prado

Dr. Daniel Nuñez del Prado (29 July 1840 in La Paz, Bolivia – 1891) was a revolutionary Bolivian doctor of medicine. His parents were Dr Maria José Nuñez del Prado and Isabel del Valle. His brother, Eduardo Nuñez del Prado, was also a doctor of medicine.

President Mariano Melgarejo expelled Nuñez del Prado from Bolivia.[1] The reason was that Rosa Zeballos Tomayo, the wife of Nuñez del Prado denied General Melgarejo access to her house during a parade. It is one of the historical buildings in the city of La Paz. Years later, Don Daniel urgently was requested to attend a patient who had been shot dead in Lima. The patient was General Melgarejo. The last confession from former president Melgarejo was that he was with Don Daniel Nuñez del Prado.



  • Degree as doctor of medicine in Lima / 1863.
  • 1866 Fights under supreme commander Jose Galvez against the Spanish invasion, obtaining decorations from the Peruvian and Bolivian governments.
  • 1868 Combats a yellow fever epidemic in Lima, and so obtains a decoration from the Peruvian congress.
  • 1878 Prefect of La Paz.
  • 1881 Bolivian foreign minister under President Campero.


  • Opusculo sobre la fiebre amarilla.


  • Dean of the Faculty of medicine in La Paz.
  • Organizes the battalion "Victoria" to defend Bolivia from the attacks from Chile. Due to this action he obtains the nomination as Colonel.


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