The D19E, also known as Đổi mới,[1] is a series of diesel locomotives currently used on the Vietnamese railway network.

Vietnam Railways D19E
D19E-937 at Binh Thuan Stn.JPG
D19E-937 at Bình Thuận Station on 2012-02-27
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel
BuilderCSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd.
Build date2003 to 2012
Total produced80
 • UICCo'Co'
Gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Wheel diameter1,000 mm (39 in)
Length16,892 mm (55 ft 5.0 in)
Width2,900 mm (9 ft 6 in)
Height3,900 mm (12 ft 10 in)
Axle load13 t
Loco weight78 t
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel capacity3,500 l (770 imp gal)
Engine typeCaterpillar 3512B
Transmissionelectric AC-DC
Train brakesair brakes
Performance figures
Maximum speed120 km/h (75 mph)
Power output1455 kW
Tractive effort250 kN (at µ = 0.327)
OperatorsVietnam Railways



The series is one of the most recently acquired by state railway company Vietnam Railways; 40 were in service as of 2005,[1] 80 in 2012.[2] The series, of the diesel electric type China Railways CKD7F, was constructed by Chinese manufacturer CSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd..

No. 901 to 920 (built 2003—2004) and 921 to 940 (built 2006—2007) have a more angular body. No. 941 to 960 (built 2007—2008) were built with a rounded front; in No. 961 to 980 (built 2011—2012) the windows and headlights were modified and the front air intake omitted.[2] From No. 941 the final assembly took place at the Gia Lâm works of Vietnam Railways.

Accidents and incidentsEdit

On 10 March 2015 locomotive №968 was written off in an accident near Dien Sanh when it pulled SE5 train was in collision with a lorry on a level crossing.

On 24 May 2018 locomotive No 927 was crashed in Thanh Hoa when it hit the lorry. The accident happened because the railway security was irresponsible.



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