Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center

Coordinates: 61°34′21″N 149°31′8″W / 61.57250°N 149.51889°W / 61.57250; -149.51889 The Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center, originally Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex,[1] is a 102,000 square foot[2] multi-purpose arena in Wasilla, Alaska, designed to accommodate up to 5,000 people.[3]

The facility consists of an NHL-size ice arena, an indoor artificial turf court, a running/walking track, three community meeting rooms, and a commercial kitchen facility.[1]


In 2002, Wasilla residents voted to add half a percentage point to their sales tax to fund construction of the $14.7 million facility.[2] This project was significantly delayed by an eminent domain lawsuit brought by the prior landowner, Gary Lundgren.[4]


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