Credenda/Agenda is a Christian cultural and theological journal, published under the auspices of Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho. Douglas Wilson serves as editor, Douglas Jones as senior editor, and N. D. Wilson as managing editor. Editions are published quarterly in print form and also electronically on the internet. Canon Press, another ministry of Christ Church, also produces an audio edition.

Credenda Agenda cover.jpg
EditorDouglas Wilson
PublisherChrist Church
Year founded1989
Final issue2012
CountryUnited States
Based inMoscow, Idaho

Credenda/Agenda began appearing in 1989 as a loose-paper pamphlet, though the format was revised in 1997 to a full-page magazine. The title is Latin for "Things to be believed/things to be done".

Publication appears to have ended in 2012, although back issues are still for sale at the CanonPress website.[1]

Subject matterEdit

The magazine's subject matter was typically of a religious nature, though film and book reviews, satire of prominent news stories, poems, and short stories are common. Each issue has a general theme to which many of the articles relate. Past themes have included escapism, paedocommunion, the Textus Receptus, sex, C. S. Lewis, P. G. Wodehouse, cheese and Beowulf, and special issues have addressed the September 11, 2001 attacks[2] and the editors' views on the New Perspective on Paul.[3]

The magazine advocated a Reformed soteriology, a liturgical approach to worship, a Van Tillian approach to apologetics, the federal headship of men within the family, and the cultivation of the mind through the liberal arts and the Western tradition.

A number of the articles from the magazine have been collected and expanded into books, including some of Douglas and Nancy Wilson's books on family life — Reforming Marriage (1995), Fruit of Her Hands (1997), Standing on the Promises (1997), Federal Husband (1999), and others — and Douglas Wilson and Douglas Jones's volume on cultural vision, Angels in the Architecture (1998).

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