Cosmic Soldier (video game)

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Cosmic Soldier (サイキックウォー) is a role-playing video game for MSX home computers and is the first game in the Cosmic Soldier series. It was released in 1985 by Kogado Studio. The game was ported to the NEC PC-8801 with an updated interface and graphics.

Cosmic Soldier
Developer(s)Kogado Studio
Publisher(s)Kogado Studio
SeriesCosmic Soldier
Platform(s)MSX, PC-8801
Genre(s)Role-playing video game

The game introduced a dialog conversation system, where the player can recruit allies by speaking to them, choose whether to kill or spare an enemy, and engage enemies in conversation, similar to the later more famous Megami Tensei. Battles are fought in a turn-based style. The game also displayed some nudity on the title screen.[1]

Cosmic Soldier: Psychic WarEdit

The 1987 sequel, Cosmic Soldier: Psychic War, was originally released for the MSX2 computer in Japan. In America, the game was released by Kyodai, and they changed the name to Psychic War and released the game for MS-DOS computers. The MS-DOS version censors Kayla's clothing. It changed the turn-based combat of its predecessor to a unique "tug of war" style real-time combat system, where battles are a clash of energy between the party and the enemy, with the player needing to push the energy towards the enemy to strike them, while being able to use a shield to block or a suction ability to absorb the opponent's power. The game also improves upon the conversation system of its predecessor and more closely resembles the one in Megami Tensei released around the same time.[1]


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