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Computer Hope is a free online computer help site. Its free services include a database of extensive computer-related information. The organisation offers free technical support for any computer-related question and includes computer product information, online help forums, computer product buying tips, third-party computer company contact information, driver listing, a dictionary with thousands of computer terms, news, tips, chat, and online tools to help troubleshoot computer issues.[1][2]

Computer Hope
Type of site
Computer/Technical Support
Available inEnglish
Launched1998; 23 years ago (1998)
Current statusOnline


Computer Hope went online 2 November 1998 as a reference for basic computer information and help.[3]

In March 2001 Computer Hope was included in PC World Sixth Annual Best Free Stuff on the Web.[4] Its growth continued to the point that in 2002 they received over two million unique visitors and over eighteen million hits and as of January 3, 2009 is the number one result when searching for the phrase "computer help" on the Google search engine.[5]

In March 2009 Computer Hope was mentioned on the BBC Webscape show.[6]

In August 2009, Computer Hope was included/mentioned in the Today show. Also during August 2009, ComputerHope was mentioned, and had an article in Reader's Digest's article about Reader's Digest Fix Computers, Cars and Appliances for Free article.[7][8]


In March 2004 Computer Hope introduced the Computer Hope forum as a place for visitors to talk about and find answers to their computer questions. The forum on 24 February 2012 had over 72,000 members with over 809,000 posts and is an active community for people to find answers to their questions, talk about computer related topics and create their own, frequently asked question pages. The forums have been slowing since 2012, an sits close to 31,000 members as of 1 October 2014.


In addition to technical information and support Computer Hope also offers a collection of online tools that can be used to help troubleshoot and make the computer easier to use.

  • Computer Hope System Information tool – Used to quickly identify your system information including what plug-ins are installed on the computer to quickly identify if everything is up-to-date.
  • Computer Hope log tool – Quickly identifies files listed in a log file and gives descriptions about each of the files in the log. Tool is also capable of displaying hijackthis, hijackpro, hijackfree, Combofix, and other such tools in an easy-to-read format to quickly identify threats such as viruses, trojans, and other malware that may be on the computer. As of February 2010 this tool has over 10,000 file descriptions.
  • Computer Hope IsItUp tool – Used to identify if an Internet Web page is up or down to quickly answer the "Is it my computer or the website that is having a problem?" question.
  • Mr. Hope – Automated tool to help users diagnose their own computer problems by guiding them through a flowchart type set of questions. Helpful for times users don't know how to search for the problem they're encountering.


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