Comoé Province

Comoé is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso, located in its Cascades Region. The capital of Comoé is Banfora. The population of Comoé was 400,534 in 2006.[1]

Location in Burkina Faso
Location in Burkina Faso
Provincial map of its departments
Provincial map of its departments
Country Burkina Faso
RegionCascades Region
 • Total5,898 sq mi (15,277 km2)
 • Total400,534
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT 0)

Comoé is divided into 9 departments:

The Departments of Comoé
Commune Capital Population
(Census 2006)[1]
Banfora Department Banfora 106,815
Bérégadougou Department Bérégadougou 11,755
Mangodara Department Mangodara 49,746
Moussodougou Department Moussodougou 10,444
Niangoloko Department Niangoloko 51,345
Ouo Department Ouo 23,450
Sidéradougou Department Sidéradougou 76,540
Soubakaniédougou Department Soubakaniédougou 27,945
Tiéfora Department Tiéfora 42,494

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Coordinates: 10°38′N 4°45′W / 10.633°N 4.750°W / 10.633; -4.750