Cobham Bridge is a 143.3 m (470 ft) long[2] girder bridge[3] in Hamilton, New Zealand, on Cobham Drive, which is part of SH1.

Cobham Bridge
Cobham Bridge, Hamilton.jpg
Cobham Bridge in 2016 (after 2015 repaint)
CarriesMotor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians
CrossesWaikato River
Preceded byNarrows Bridge
Followed byVictoria Bridge, Hamilton
Total length143.3m
No. of spansfour – 33.5m, 39.6m, 30.5m
Daily trafficADT 2010: 27,606 ADT 2011: 26,600 ADT 2012: 26,214 ADT 2013: 28,249 ADT 2014: 27,510[1]

It spans the Waikato River and the Ministry of Works plaque at the southern end of the bridge says they designed it and it was opened on 29 June 1963. Its deck is 28 m (92 ft) above sea level.[2] The river bed is 3.5 m (11 ft) above sea level.[4]

Like the 1962 Cobham Bridge over the Whanganui River, it was opened when Lord Cobham was Governor General, though not opened by him. Mrs Adams-Schneider, Mayor Denis Rogers and Minister of Works, William Stanley Goosman, were at the opening.[5]


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