CloneDVD is a proprietary DVD cloning software, developed by Elaborate Bytes, that can be used to make backup copies of any DVD movie not copy-protected. The program is able to transcode a dual layer DVD movie to fit it onto a DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD+R DL (Double Layer) disc. Users also have the choice to strip audio streams, subtitles and chapters. This is called customize. For example, users can edit and delete certain parts of a DVD that they don't want burned, such as the main menu, bonus features, commentary, or certain scenes from the actual DVD. By moving a quality bar (or by selecting a standard optical disc format) the user can make the DVD fit its target medium.

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Developer(s)Elaborate Bytes
Initial release18 March 2004; 15 years ago (2004-03-18)[1]
Stable release2.9.3.3 (20 July 2015; 3 years ago (2015-07-20)) [±][1]
Preview releaseNon [±]
Operating systemWindows
TypeCD/DVD authoring

Another feature of this software is its ability to save the contents of the disc as an ISO image, or as individual DVD files (i.e. in a VIDEO_TS directory). Conversely, CloneDVD can write a DVD from an ISO image and from a directory of individual DVD files. Consequently, CloneDVD can process a folder of DVD files (i.e. on another storage medium) and convert it into an ISO image. It cannot, however, convert an ISO image directly into a directory of DVD files, but this is possible to do by first mounting the image into a virtual drive using a disk image emulator, such as Virtual CloneDrive. CloneDVD supports DVD recording speeds of up to 18x.

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