Clara Pontoppidan

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Clara Pontoppidan (23 April 1883 – 22 January 1975[1]), also known as Clara Wieth, was a Danish actress. She worked mainly in Swedish and Danish silent films, including A Victim of the Mormons (Denmark, 1911).

Clara Pontoppidan
Clara Pontoppidan.jpg
Born(1883-04-23)23 April 1883
Died22 January 1975(1975-01-22) (aged 91)
Years active1902–1972
Spouse(s)Carlo Wieth (1906–1917)

Personal lifeEdit

Clara Pontoppidan was married to actor Carlo Wieth from 20 October 1906 until their divorce in 1917. She died in 1975, aged 91, in Copenhagen and is buried in Ordrup Cemetery.

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