Clam Bayou

Clam Bayou is a 170-acre estuary between Gulfport, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, and Boca Ciega Bay. The neighborhood around the estuary is also known as Clam Bayou. The area is popular with kayakers.[1] It is also home to the 10-acre Clam Bayou Nature Park that includes a canoe and kayak launch point.[2]

A December sunset from Clam Bayou Park looking over Boca Ciega Bay

Trash, sediments, and pollution have become a problem as the surrounding areas were developed. Approximately 127 acres of Clam Bayou are publicly owned and a restoration project in 2010-2011 sought to improve water quality outflows to Boca Ciega Bay.[3]

Clam Bayou Nature preserve is located at 34th Ave. S. & 40th St. S. in St. Petersburg, or south of 29th Avenue South on Miriam Street in Gulfport.[4][5] It includes habitat for fiddler crabs, clams, wading birds, dolphins, and manatees. Observation decks provide a view over the brackish water estuary and there are trails.[5]

Nearby, the city of Gulfport operates a full-service marina.[6]


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