Civic Action League

The Civic Action League (French: Ligue d'Action Civique or LAC) was a municipal political party in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It existed from 1951 to 1961.

Civic Action League

Ligue d'Action Civique
Former municipal party
LeaderJean Drapeau
PresidentPierre DesMarais
FoundedJanuary 1951 (1951-01)
Dissolved1961 (1961)


It was established in January 1951 by good government activists who were known as the Public Morality Committee.[1]


The party managed to elect a plurality of the city councillors in 1954 and its candidate Jean Drapeau became Mayor. However the majority of the City Council was made up of Independents and often blocked legislation proposed by the League.

Nonetheless, the League introduced party politics in Montreal's city government and abolished council seats reserved for businesses, city associations and agencies.


Drapeau lost his bid for re-election in 1957. In the subsequent years, the party was plagued by conflicts between Drapeau and former Executive Committee Chairman Pierre DesMarais. In September 1960, Drapeau led 17 of the League's 33 councillors into the Civic Party of Montreal. By October 1960, the League was wiped off the political map.

Mayoral CandidatesEdit

Election Mayoral Candidate Popular Vote for Mayor Number of Councillors
  1954 Jean Drapeau 50% 28/99
  1957 Jean Drapeau 49% 33/99
  1960 Lucien Tremblay 6% 0/66

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