Christoph Florentius Kött

Christoph Florentius Kött (7 November 1801, in St. Martin – 17 October 1873, in Fulda) was a bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fulda from 1848 to 1873.

Kött was ordained as priest on 18 December 1824. On 29 March 1848 he was appointed as bishop of Fulda. He was confirmed on 11 December 1848 and ordained on 1 May 1849. During his tenure he ordained the future bishop Adalbert Endert as priest, on 6 April 1873. Kött re-founded the boys' seminary, which was housed together with the seminary for priests in the former cloister building. Kött was arrested in 1873, during the Kulturkampf, for protesting the laws that gave the state far-reaching influence on the seminary. In the end, this conflict would lead to the disbanding of the boys' seminary (1873) and the priests' seminary (December 1874). For years afterward the bishop's seat in Fulda remained empty. Kött died in Fulda, shortly after his arrest.


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Preceded by
Johann Leonhard Pfaff
Bishop of Fulda
1848 - 1873
Succeeded by
Georg von Kopp