Chen Tsu-li (Chinese: 陳 祖烈), also known as James T. L. Chen[1] is a Taiwanese former basketball player and coach.

Chen Tsu-li (陳 祖烈)
Personal information
Wuxing County, Zhejiang Province, China


National team playing careerEdit

Chen competed as a part of the Republic of China's senior national team at the 1956 Summer Olympics.[2] He won silver medals at the 1958 Asian Games, and the 1960 FIBA Asian Championship. He also played at the 1959 FIBA World Championship, which he led in scoring average, at 20.1 points per game.[3][4][5][6]

Coaching careerEdit

After he ended his basketball playing career, Chen became a basketball coach. He was a head coach in both club teams in Taiwan, and of the senior Taiwanese national team, which he coached at the 1987 FIBA Asian Championship, which was held in Bangkok.


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