Category:Wikipedians who use HotCat

This category is for Wikipedians who use the in-browser Wikipedia editor tool HotCat. A person can manually add the category to their userpage or use any of the three HotCat userboxes on their userpage. To add the userbox you can make use of any of the below given codes

Code Result
Nuvola apps package toys svg.svgThis user uses HotCat.
Wikipedia:HotCatThis user uses HotCat to work with categories.
{{Template:User HotCat only}}
Nuvola apps package toys svg.svgThis user does not use automated or semi-automated editing tools other than HotCat
Nuvola apps package toys.svgThis user uses HotCat

The topicon code {{HotCat topicon}} can also be used.

A combination of userbox and the topicon code can also be used.

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