Cape Negrais

Cape Negrais is located in Myanmar
Cape Negrais
Cape Negrais
Location of Cape Negrais in Burma

Cape Negrais, also known as Pagoda Point or Mawtin Point (Mawtin Zoon), is a cape in Burma (Myanmar), west of the Irrawaddy Delta. It is located 133 km to the NNE of Preparis Island and 193 kilometres from the nearest point in the Indian union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. For a long time, it was occupied by the Kingdom of Mrauk U (1429-1785 CE). It was a battleground in the Taungoo-Mrauk U War of 1545 to 1547. [1]

It is northernmost point of Andaman Sea where it meets Bay of Bengal. To the south and east of this point lies Andaman Sea, and to the north and west lies the Bay of Bengal.

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Coordinates: 16°2′0″N 94°12′0″E / 16.03333°N 94.20000°E / 16.03333; 94.20000