Campeonato Panamericano de Clubes de Básquetbol

The Campeonato Panamericano de Clubes de Básquetbol (English: Pan American Basketball Club Championship) was an international professional basketball tournament that was contested from 1993 to 2000, with the exception of 1998, when it was scheduled to be held in the Dominican Republic, and was cancelled due to Hurricane Georges. The team that won the most championships was Franca Basquetebol Clube, with 4 titles.

Campeonato Panamericano de Clubes de Básquetbol
Founded1993; 27 years ago (1993)
First season1993
Folded2000; 20 years ago (2000)
CountryLatin America
ConfederationFIBA Americas
Number of teams8
Level on pyramid1
Last championsArgentina Estudiantes de Olavarría
(1 title)
Most championshipsBrazil Franca
(4 titles)

This tournament was a predecessor of the current FIBA Americas League, that was created in 2007.[1]


The Pan American Club Championship,[2][3] founded in 1993, was the top-tier level annual professional basketball competition for all of Latin America. It was not held in 1998, due to Hurricane Georges. The competition's last season was held in 2000. A new version of the Pan American Club Championship, called the FIBA Americas League, was created in 2007.[4]

Names of the top-tier level Latin American competitionEdit

Championship resultsEdit

Year Host City Champions Finalists Third place Fourth place
1993   Quito[5]   Franca   Atenas   Indios de Ciudad Juárez   Adidas
1994   Córdoba / Olavarría   Franca[6]   Olimpia de Venado Tuerto   Esporte Clube União Corinthians   Atenas
1995   Santa Cruz do Sul / Porto Alegre   Rio Claro   Peñarol Mar del Plata[7]   Pony EC União Corinthians   Franca
1996   Franca[8]   Atenas[9][10][11]   Cougar/Franca   Dharma/Yara Franca   Independiente de General Pico
1997   General Pico[12][13]   Marathon/Franca   Atenas[14][15]   Independiente de General Pico   Mogi das Cruzes
1998   Santo Domingo[16]
(cancelled due to Hurricane Georges)
1999   Santo Domingo[17]   Franca   Vasco da Gama   Mauricio Baez   Independiente de General Pico
2000   Montevideo   Estudiantes de Olavarría[18][19][20]   Aguada   Atlético Welcome   Marathon Franca


Titles by clubEdit

Club Champions Years Won Runners-up Years Finalists
  Franca 4 1993, 1994, 1997, 1999 1 1996
  Atenas 1 1996 2 1993, 1997
  Rio Claro 1 1995 0
  Estudiantes de Olavarría 1 2000 0
  Olimpia de Venado Tuerto 0 1 1994
  Peñarol de Mar del Plata 0 1 1995
  Vasco da Gama 0 1 1999
  Aguada 0 1 2000

Titles by countryEdit

(national league)
Champions Years Won Runners-up Years Finalists
  Brazil (CBB) 5 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999 2 1996, 1999
  Argentina (LNB) 2 1996, 2000 4 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997
  Uruguay (CFB) 0 1 2000

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