Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale

Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale is a peer-reviewed academic journal of East Asian linguistics that was established in 1978 and is published by Brill. The articles published before 2007 are in free access on the Persée website.

Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale  
DisciplineEast Asian linguistics
LanguageEnglish, French and Chinese
Edited byGuillaume Jacques and Thomas Pellard
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Standard abbreviations
Cah. Linguist. Asie Orient.

It publishes articles in English, French and Mandarin Chinese, and covers a wide range of topics including Generative syntax, Linguistic typology, Phonetics, Phonology and Historical linguistics on all languages of the Sino-Tibetan, Austro-Asiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Mien, Kra-Dai, Tungusic, Mongolic and Turkic families, as well as on Japanese, Korean and Ainu.

It is indexed in Scopus.

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