Cabinet of Libya

The Cabinet of Libya serves as the leadership for the executive branch of the government of Libya.


The cabinet of the Government of National Accord, formed as a result of the Libyan Political Agreement signed in December 2016 has 17 ministers and is led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. The Libyan Political Agreement has been unanimously endorsed by the United Nations Security Council which has recognized that the Government of National Accord is the sole legitimate government of Libya.[1][2]

Incumbent Office Website Since Arab Name
Fayez al-Sarraj Prime Minister of Libya 5 April 2016 Present
Ahmed Maiteeq[3] Deputy Prime Minister 5 April 2016 Present
Musa Al-Koni[4] Deputy Prime Minister March 2016
Fathi Al-Mijabri[5] Deputy Prime Minister
Faraj Boumtari Minister of Finance فرج عبدالرحمن بومطاري
Juma Abdullah Drissi Minister of Justice
Khalifa Al- Bakoush Minister of Health 21 Sept 2020 خليفة البكوش
Fathi Bashagha Minister of Interior 4 Sept 2020 فتحي باشاغا
Fawzi Bomeriz Minister of Education فوزي بومريز
Mohamed Taha Siala Minister of Foreign Affairs 2016 محمد طاهر سيالة
Salah Eddine al-Namrush Minister of Defense 29 August 2020 صلاح النمروش
Taher Al-Jahimi Minister of Planning February 2016 الطاهر الجهيمي
Faida Mansour El-Shafi Minister of Social Affairs 15 February 2019 فاضي الشافعي
Faraj Boumtari Minister of Economy & Industry May 2020 فرج عبدالرحمن بومطاري
Al-Mahdi Al-Amin Minister of Labour المهدي الأمين
Asma al-Usta Minister of State for Women's Affairs and Development أسماء الأسطى
Mohanad Younes Minister of State for Martyrs, Wounded and Missing مهند سعيد يونس
Iman Mohammed Ben Younes Minister of State for Institutional Reform
Abdeljawad Faraj Al-Obaidi Minister of State for National Reconciliation
Yousef Abubakr Jalalah Minister of State for Migrants and Displaced


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