The B 243 runs from Hildesheim over Seesen and Herzberg am Harz to Nordhausen.

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Bundesstraße 243
Route information
Length113 km (70 mi)
Major junctions
Northwest endHildesheim
Southeast endNordhausen
StatesLower Saxony, Thuringia
Highway system


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Combined routingEdit

  • From Seesen to AS Engelade combined with the B 248
  • Between AS Münchehof and Bad Grund combined with the B 242
  • In Osterode between Osterode Mitte and Osterode Süd combined with the B 241
  • Between Herzberg and Barbis combined with the B 27

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The metalled artificial road (Chaussee) between Seesen and Osterode was built between 1785 and 1795 as an extension of the Frankfurt Road and known as the Thuringian Road (Thüringer Straße).

It was established as Reichsstraße 243 between Hildesheim and Nordhausen in 1937.

This federal road was interrupted by the division of Germany and was only opened again from end to end on 18 November 1989 when the border crossing between Nüxei and Mackenrode was installed.

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