Bundesstraße 209 (B 209) is a German federal road that runs from Nienburg/Weser district in Lower Saxony to Schwarzenbek in the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein.

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Bundesstraße 209
Route information
Length134 km (83 mi)
Major junctions
Southwest endNienburg/Weser district
Northeast endHerzogtum Lauenburg
StatesLower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein
Highway system


B 209 - bridge over the Elbe Lateral Canal with barrier below
Ehemalige B 209 zwischen Bad Fallingbostel und Soltau

The B 209 begins in Nienburg/Weser district between the villages of Rohrsen and Drakenburg on the B 215 and runs in a northeasterly direction past the villages of Heemsen and Anderten.

After crossing the river Aller at Rethem in Soltau-Fallingbostel district it passes through the villages of Groß Eilstorf and Kirchboitzen before entering the one-way system in the town centre of Walsrode. This is a traffic bottleneck which causes delays during the rush hour.

The B 209 then passes through Honerdingen, before reaching junction 47 on the A 7 autobahn located in Bad Fallingbostel's industrial estate.

East of Soltau by the B 71 to Munster, the B 209 then turns northeast again towards Amelinghausen and continues from there to Lüneburg. Near Artlenburg the B 209 crosses the Elbe Lateral Canal, the bridge being combined with a barrier.

Near Lauenburg the B 209 crosses the Elbe, passes over the B 5 and runs finally into Schwarzenbek, where it meets the B 207 and B 404.


To 1 July 1989 a section between Bad Fallingbostel and Soltau, part of the present day L 163 state road, was designated as Bundesstraße 209. As a result of the parallel routing of the A 7 autobahn, this section was downgraded however. In Bad Fallingbostel the autobahn slip road (then an independent branch) to the A 7 was designated the B 209a. When the road between Bad Fallingbostel and Soltau was downgraded on 1 July 1989 the slip road became part of the B 209. Its distance is separately measured however.

Route / JunctionsEdit

Drakenburg   B 215
Rethem (Aller)
  (27) Walsrode West   A 27   E234
Bad Fallingbostel
  (47) Fallingbostel   A 7   E45

Ersetzt durch die   A 7   E45
  (46) Dorfmark
  (45) Soltau-Süd

  (44) Soltau-Ost   A 7   B 71   E45
Lüneburg local diversion   B 4   B 216
Lauenburg/Elbe   B 5
Schwarzenbek   B 207   B 404


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