Bundesautobahn 63

Bundesautobahn 63 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 63, short form Autobahn 63, abbreviated as BAB 63 or A 63) is an autobahn in southwestern Germany. It connects the Mainz area to Kaiserslautern and the A 6 and is therefore an important connection between the Rhine/Main and the Saar areas. It was constructed during the 1980/90s and finished 2004 (last section Sembach - Kaiserslautern)

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Bundesautobahn 63
Route information
Length73 km (45 mi)
Highway system
This photo is of Autobahn A 63 Kaiserslautern direction Mainz at the Sembach exit

Historically an uninterrupted Autobahn, one final 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) section was added between Sembach and Kaiserslautern at the current site of the Dreieck Kaiserslautern/KL-Zentrum Ausfahrt. This relieved the heavy traffic on the two lane Bundesstraße 40.

Exit listEdit

  (2) Mainz-Süd 4-way interchange   A60, connection to   B40
  (3) Klein-Winternheim
  (4) Nieder-Olm
  (5) Saulheim
  (6) Wörrstadt   B420
  (7) Biebelnheim
  (8) Alzey 4-way interchange   A61
  (9) Erbes-Büdesheim
  Viaduct Weinheim 1,300 m
  (10) Freimersheim
  Rest area Heubergerhof
  (11) Kirchheimbolanden
  Albisheim (planned)
  (12) Göllheim
  Umbau als: parking area
    Rest area Donnersberg (planned)
  Viaduct Langmeiler Senke 205 m
  Viaduct Langmeil 276 m
  (13) Winnweiler   B48
  Lohnsbachtalbrücke 271 m
  Viaduct Lanzenbachtal 250 m
  Viaduct Baalborner Wasser 250 m
  (14) Sembach
  Viaduct 100 m
  Viaduct Eselsbachtal 230 m
  (15) Kaiserslautern
  (16) Kaiserslautern 3-way interchange   A6

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