Bundesautobahn 61

Coordinates: 50°18′53″N 7°29′40″E / 50.31472°N 7.49444°E / 50.31472; 7.49444

Bundesautobahn 61 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 61, short form Autobahn 61, abbreviated as BAB 61 or A 61) is an autobahn in Germany that connects the border to the Netherlands near Venlo in the northwest to the interchange with A 6 near Hockenheim. In 1965, this required a redesign of the Hockenheimring.

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Bundesautobahn 61
Route information
Length331 km (206 mi)
Major junctions
FromHockenheim [termini 1]
ToHeinenend, Nettetal
StatesNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg
Highway system

The autobahn runs parallel to the A 3 on the opposite side of the Rhine. Between Mönchengladbach and Bergheim in the north and Worms, Ludwigshafen and Speyer in the south, it cuts through the landscapes of Eifel and Hunsrück, avoiding areas of dense population while still in proximity to Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz and Bingen.

The A 61, built in the 1970s, is the most western connection from the Netherlands and Belgium to southern Germany so many trucks and tourists from these countries frequent the A 61.

Between Kreuz Mönchengladbach and Wanlo, the speed limit is 120 km/h.

The section between the junctions Wanlo and Jackerath was upgraded to three lanes in 2005. The speed limit there is 130 km/h, paid for by RWE Power that in return received permission to close a section of A 44 for their Garzweiler surface mining operation. By 2017, the A 44 will be restored and the Wanlo-Jackerath-section of the A 61 will be closed instead.

Between Dreieck Erfttal and Kreuz Bliesheim the A 1 and A 61 run concurrently. The motorway has three lanes each way and a variable speed limit here.

Since 4 April 2012, the A 61 continues into the Netherlands as A74. This short motorway connects the A 61 at the border with the Dutch A 73. Previously, all traffic had to go through the city of Venlo. [1]

Part of the A61 motorway near the village of Gelsdorf had been designed for use as a runway to service travel to the nearby Government bunker facility and in an emergency a section would have been dedicated for use as an airport with spacious aircraft parking spaces at both ends disguised as roadside car parks.

Exit listEdit

The old start of the A61 in Venlo, border area Netherlands/Germany (Keulse Plein)
Autobahn 61 by the base of the Hunsrück Mountains near the town of Bingen
Netherlands   A74
  (1a) Border crossing Heidenend
  (1b) Nettetal-West
  (2) Kaldenkirchen
  (3) Kaldenkirchen-Süd
  (4) Breyell
  (5) Nettetal
  (6) Süchteln
  (7) Viersen
  (8) Mackenstein
  (9) Mönchengladbach 4-way interchange   A52
  (10) Mönchengladbach-Nordpark
  (11) Mönchengladbach-Holt
  (12) Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
  (13) Mönchengladbach-Wickrath
  (14) Mönchengladbach-Güdderath
  (15) MG-Wanlo 4-way interchange   A46
  (incl.) Wanlo (new exit)
  (16) Jackerath 4-way interchange   A44
    Services Bedburger Land
  (17) Bedburg
  (18) Bergheim
  (19) Bergheim-Süd
  (20) Kerpen[coord 1] 4-way interchange   A4  E40
  (21) Türnich
  (22) Gymnich - Nörvenich
  (23) Erfttal 3-way interchange   A1  E31
  (108) Erftstadt
  (24) Bliesheim 4-way interchange   A1  E29  A553
  (25) Weilerswist
  (26) Swisttal-Heimerzheim
  (27) Miel
    Services Peppenhoven
  (28) Rheinbach
  (29) Meckenheim 4-way interchange   A565
  Goldene Meile parking area  
  (30) Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 3-way interchange   A573
  Talbrücke Bengen ca. 1000 m
  Ahrtalbrücke 1521 m
  (31) Sinzig 3-way interchange   A571
  Vinxtbachtalbrücke 670 m
  (32) Niederzissen
  Brohltalbrücke 603 m
    Services Brohltal
  (33) Wehr
  (34) Mendig
  (35) Kruft
  Nettebrücke 700 m
  (36) Plaidt
  (37) Koblenz 4-way interchange   A48  E44
  (38) Koblenz-Metternich
  Raststätte Winningen
  Moselle Viaduct[coord 2] Winningen 935 m
  (39) Koblenz/Dieblich
    Services Mosel
  (40) Koblenz/Waldesch
  (41) Boppard
  (42) Emmelshausen
  (43) Pfalzfeld
  (44) Laudert
  Guldenbachbrücke 200 m
  (45) Rheinböllen
  Pfädchensgrabentalbrücke 665 m
  Tiefenbachtalbrücke 365 m
    Services Hunsrück
  (46) Stromberg (Hunsrück)
  (47) Waldlaubersheim
  (48) Dorsheim
  Nahetalbrücke 523 m
  (49) Bingen
  (50) Nahetal 3-way interchange   A60  E42
  (51) Bad Kreuznach
  (52) Gau-Bickelheim
  (53) Bornheim
  (54) Alzey[coord 3] 4-way interchange   A63
  (55) Alzey
  Talbrücke Alzey 539 m
  Talbrücke Dautenheim 390 m
  (56) Gundersheim
  (57) Worms/Mörstadt
    Services Wonnegau
  Talbrücke Pfeddersheim 1.471 m
  (58) Worms
  (59) Frankenthal 4-way interchange   A6  E50
  (60) Ludwigshafen 4-way interchange   A650
  (61) Mutterstadt 4-way interchange   A65
    Services Dannstadt
  (62) Schifferstadt
  (63) Speyer
  Rheinbrücke 478 m
  (64) Hockenheim
  (65) Hockenheim[coord 4] 3-way interchange   A6  E50
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