Bundesautobahn 37

Bundesautobahn 37 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 37, short form Autobahn 37, abbreviated as BAB 37 or A 37) is an autobahn in the Region Hannover, Germany. It consists of two parts, one connecting the borough of Hannover-Buchholz to Burgdorf via Altwarmbüchen, the other connecting the Hanover fairground to the A 7. The two parts are linked by the B 3, the whole system is known as the Messeschnellweg (fairground expressway).

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Bundesautobahn 37
Route information
Length11 km (7 mi)
StatesLower Saxony
Highway system
The A 37 crosses the A 2 and the A 7

During large fairs, for example CeBIT or Hannover Messe, the Messeschnellweg can be transformed to a four-lane one way road on the fly to allow for quicker travel to and from the fairground.

Exit listEdit

  B3 Celle
  (2) Burgdorf-Beinhorn
  (3) Hannover / Kirchhorst 4-way interchange   A7  E45
  (4) Hannover-Buchholz 4-way interchange   A2  E30
  (5) Hannover-Misburg

  (11) Hannover-Messegelände   B6
  (12) Hannover-Süd 3-way interchange   A7  E45

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