Bundesautobahn 352 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 352, short form Autobahn 352, abbreviated as BAB 352 or A 352) is an autobahn spur north of Hanover in northwestern Germany. It is an important bypass for traffic from the A 7 to the A 2, avoiding the Hannover-Ost ("East") interchange between the two autobahns. Hannover Airport is also situated near the A 352, which is why locals occasionally refer to it as the Flughafenautobahn ("airport autobahn").

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Bundesautobahn 352
Route information
Length18 km (11 mi)
Major junctions
North endnear Mellendorf
South endHanover
StatesLower Saxony
Highway system

Exit listEdit

  (1) Hannover-Nord 3-way interchange   A 7
  Bissendorf parking area
  (2) Langenhagen-Kaltenweide
  (3) Hannover-Flughafen (northern part)
  (3) Hannover-Flughafen (southern part)   B 522
  (4) Engelbostel
  (5) Hannover-West 3-way interchange   A 2

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