Brush (disambiguation)

A brush is a device with bristles, wire or other filaments used for cleaning, grooming, painting, etc. Brush may also refer to:


Grooming and cleaningEdit

Applying substancesEdit

  • Paintbrush, a brush used to apply paint or ink
  • Ink brush, a brush used in East Asia for calligraphy
  • Pastry brush, also known as a basting brush, a cooking utensil used to spread oil or glaze on food
  • Airbrush, by analogy, a tool for spraying paint


  • Brush (electric), a component which conducts current between stationary wires and moving parts
  • Drum brush, a type of drumstick in music




  • Underbrush, plants that live below the forest canopy
  • Prunings, cuttings from small trees and shrubs
  • Indian Paintbrush (disambiguation), a name that may refer to butterfly weed, hawkweed or the genus Castilleja
  • Scrubland, a plant community characterized by scrub vegetation, sometimes referred to as the brush


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