The Blue Cross Broad Street Run, which has taken place in Philadelphia on the first Sunday in May since the early 1980s, is the largest (40,689 runners in 2012[1]) 10-mile road race in the United States.


The race starts at T.S. Park, in the Logan neighborhood, on the front lawn of historic Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and at the athletic fields at Central High School. The course stretches south along Broad Street.[2] Runners pass Temple University, Roman Catholic High School for Boys, City Hall, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Kimmel Center.[3] The race finishes at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Due in part to its nearly flat (actually slightly downhill) route, it has become a favorite in the running community for those working to establish personal best times. All finishers receive a medal.


The race was first run in 1980 with 1454 men and 122 women finishing. In that year and in 1981, participants ran straight through the courtyard of City Hall; since then, runners are diverted around the building.

Until 1989, the race ended with a lap around the field at JFK Stadium in South Philadelphia. After the stadium was condemned and demolished, the finish moved to FDR Park (on the other side of Broad Street), and then to the Navy Yard, about a quarter mile beyond the front gates.

Participation rose steadily through the 1990s and exploded by the mid-2000s. Since 2013, registration of single runners (though not teams) has been handled by lottery, with about 40,000 entrants, and roughly 35,000 runners finishing the race, the majority of them women.[4]

Course recordsEdit

  • Open Male: Patrick Cheruiyot, 45:14, 2007[5]
  • Open Female: Catherine Ndereba, 53:07, 1999
  • Master Male: Andrey Kuznetsov, 50:13, 2002
  • Master Female: Sandra Mewett, 57:56, 1992
  • Open Wheelchair Male: Tony Nogueira, 32:05, 2007
  • Open Wheelchair Female: Jessica Galli, 35:59, 2001
  • Master Wheelchair Male: Tony Nogueira, 33:52, 2008
  • Master Wheelchair Female: Jacqui Kapinowski, 49:19, 2008

Past winnersEdit

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
18th 1997   John Mwai (KEN) 47:42   Elaine Van Blunk (USA) 54:45
19th 1998   John Mwai (KEN) 48:44   Teresa Wanjiku (KEN) 57:13
20th[6] 1999   Elijah Kitur (KEN) 47:41   Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 53:07
21st 2000   Ben Kimondiu (KEN) 49:52   Anastasia Ndereba (KEN) 57:10
22nd 2001   Ronald Mogaka (KEN) 46:48   Misti Demko (USA) 55:14
23rd 2002   Simon Wangai (KEN) 45:16   Cassie Byrne (USA) 55:25
24th 2003   Simon Wangai (KEN) 45:19   Kate Fonshell (USA) 56:41
25th 2004   Julius Kibet (KEN) 48:07   Maria Buseinei (KEN) 57:32
26th 2005   John Itati (KEN) 47:59   Marina Ivanova (RUS) 55:37
27th 2006   Nathan Kosgei (KEN) 48:18   Olga Romanova (RUS) 53:21
28th 2007   Patrick Cheruiyot (KEN) 45:14   Naomi Wangui (KEN) 53:43
29th 2008   Philip Koech (KEN) 46:23   Jane Murage (KEN) 54:16
30th 2009   Linus Maiyo (KEN) 47:19   Jane Murage (KEN) 53:29
31st 2010   Alene Reta (ETH) 48:10   Bizunesh Deba (ETH) 55:13
32nd 2011   Ketema Nigusse (ETH) 46:29   Malika Mejdoub (MAR) 55:40
33rd 2012   Henry Kiplagat Rutto (KEN) 47:06   Esther Erb (USA) 55:28
34th [7] 2013   Ayele Feisha (KEN) 47:03   Askale Merachi (ETH) 53:46
35th 2014   Mourad Marofit (MAR) 47:06   Bertukan Germame (ETH) 55:25
36th 2015   Haile Mengesha (ETH) 47:54   Tigist Jabore (ETH) 53:34
37th 2016   Abebe Mekuria (ETH) 48:43   Crystal Burnick (USA) 57:07
38th 2017   Dominic Korir (KEN) 47:38   Askale Merachi (ETH) 53:49
39th 2018   Daniel Kemoi (KEN) 45:43   Sophy Jepchirchir (USA) 55:43
40th 2019   Daniel Kemoi (KEN) 47:20   Susan Jerotich (KEN) 54:47


  • 1998 - Richard Lagocki, 45, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[8]
  • 2007 - Robert A. Massaroni, 29, Holland, Pennsylvania, was a 7th grade Social Studies teacher at Shafer Middle School in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.
  • 2019 - Brian Smart, 25, Hatboro, Pennsylvania


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