Brian S. Bentley

Brian S. Bentley is an author and a former Los Angeles Police Department officer. His first book, One Time: The Story of a South Central Los Angeles Police Officer, graphically depicts his involvement in the cover-up of suspect beatings.[1] "One Time" is an urban slang term for "the Police." In 1997, Bentley was the subject of an extensive Internal Affairs investigation that included over three hundred allegations of misconduct and seven months of surveillance, all stemming from his book. To this date, he still holds the record for the most allegations of misconduct in LAPD history.

Brian S. Bentley
Police career
CountryUnited States
DepartmentLos Angeles Police Department
Service years1988 - 1997
RankSworn in as an Officer - 1988
LAPD Police Officer-3.jpg - Police Officer III - 1992
Other workauthor

LAPD careerEdit

During eleven hours of interviewing, Internal Affairs sergeants advised Bentley that he would be fired and prosecuted if he admitted to witnessing corruption or misconduct by his coworkers. Bentley had no choice but to sign a statement and verbally deny all knowledge of police corruption in the LAPD.

Coincidentally, Bentley was a coworker and friend of convicted bank robber and Rampart police officer David Mack. Former Officer Mack was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison for robbing a Bank of America branch and he was a partner of former Officer Rafael Pérez of Rampart Division.

Bentley has defended Officer Kevin Gaines who was accused of corruption in the Rampart Scandal, claiming he was unfairly targeted by investigator Russell Poole. Officer Kevin Gaines was shot to death by LAPD Detective Frank Lyga. Bentley states that Officer Gaines was never Suge Knight's bodyguard and never worked at Rampart Division. He was not close friends with the officers involved in the scandal.


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