The Bosniaks in North Macedonia (Macedonian: Бошњаци, Bosnian: Bošnjaci / Бошњаци) number 17,018 people according to the 2002 census.[2] The population is largely concentrated in and around the capital Skopje, but also in the municipalities of Veles and Dolneni.

Bosniaks in North Macedonia
Бошњаците во Северна Македонија
Bošnjaci u Severnoj Makedoniji
Total population
17,018 (2002)
Regions with significant populations
Veles Municipality2,406[1]
Dolneni Municipality2,380[1]
Studeničani Municipality1,662[1]
Petrovec Municipality1,442[1]
Bosnian, Macedonian
Related ethnic groups
Bosniaks in Kosovo
Report of the engagement of the Turkish authorities in Skopje over the settlers from Bosnia and Herzegovina: was created Muhadzhir-Ottoman Club, temporary school. The report recommends that the Serbian government has to try to acquire the settlers to the Serbian side, by opening the pub, barber shop and reading room. (Skopje, February 6, 1910)




Bosniaks in the Republic of Macedonia are predominantly adherents to Sunni Islam.

Historical censusesEdit

The historical censuses in Yugoslavia recorded "Muslims" (Muslimani), the so-called Muslims by ethnicity, in the SR Macedonia at the numbers of: 1,248 (0.1%) in 1971; 39,512 (2.1%) in 1981; 35,256 (1.7%) in 1991.

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