Boris (TV series)

Boris is an Italian television series produced from 2007 to 2010 by Wilder for Fox International Channels Italy.

Created by
  • Luca Manzi
  • Carlo Mazzotta
Directed by
  • Giacomo Ciarrapico (season 2)
  • Davide Marengo (season 3)
  • Mattia Torre (season 2)
  • Luca Vendruscolo (season 1, 2)
Theme music composerElio e Le Storie Tese
Opening themeGli occhi del cuore
Ending themeGli occhi del cuore
Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes42
Original networkFox International Channels Italy
Original releaseApril 17, 2007 (2007-04-17) –
April 12, 2010 (2010-04-12)
Related showsBoris - The movie
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Boris brings to the stage the behind the scenes of a television set where a troupe is shooting Gli occhi del cuore 2 (The eyes of the heart 2), a satirical portrait of the many fictions airing on the Italian TV networks. The series consists of 3 seasons and a movie for the cinema, Boris: The Film, released in 2011. The series was aired in premiere vision in Italy by the satellite channels FOX and FX, and subsequently on Cielo and Rai 3. From February 26 the three seasons were inserted into the Netflix catalog. Both the series and the movie are available on DVD/BLu-ray (only the movie) supports and on digital platforms.


The show starts with Alessandro arriving on the set where the TV show Gli occhi del cuore 2 (The eyes of the heart 2) is being shot as the new intern of direction. As soon as he arrives, he finds out that the world of the television is not like what he had imagined. In command of the crew there's René Ferretti, a director who gave up on quality content and shoots fictions of poor level. In addition to the members of the crew there are the actors, Stanis and Corinna, who are the protagonists of the fiction. Through Alessandro we see the making of the fiction, with its various problems and unexpected events and always at risk of being shot down.

Characters and performersEdit

Main characters

  • Alessandro (seasons 1-3), played by Alessandro Tiberi, the direction's intern.
  • Renato "René" Ferretti (seasons 1-3), played by Francesco Pannofino, the director.
  • Arianna Dell'Arti (seasons 1-3), played by Caterina Guzzanti, the first assistant director.
  • Stanis La Rochelle (seasons 1-3), played by Pietro Sermonti, the male lead in Gli occhi del cuore.
  • Corinna Negri (seasons 1-2, season 3 as guest), played by Carolina Crescentini, the female lead in Gli occhi del cuore.
  • Itala (seasons 1-3), played by Roberta Fiorentini, the script supervisor.
  • Gloria Spalloni (seasons 1-2, season 3 as guest), played by Ilaria Stivali, the makeup artist.
  • Duccio Patanè (seasons 1-3), played by Ninni Bruschetta, the director of photography.
  • Augusto Biascica (seasons 1-3), played by Paolo Calabresi, the chief electrician.
  • Diego Lopez (seasons 1-3), played by Antonio Catania, the network executive.
  • Sergio Vannucci (seasons 1-3), played by Alberto Di Stasio, the production manager.
  • Lorenzo (seasons 1-3), played by Carlo De Ruggieri, the photography intern.
  • Alfredo (seasons 1-3), played by Luca Amorosino, the assistant director.
  • The screenwriters (seasons 1-3), played by Valerio Aprea, Massimo De Lorenzo and Andrea Sartoretti.
  • Cristina Avola Burkstaller (seasons 2-3), played by Eugenia Costantini, an actress in the TV drama Gli occhi del cuore.
  • Karin (seasons 2-3), played by Karin Proia, an actress in the TV drama Gli occhi del cuore.
  • Fabiana Hassler, René's daughter, (season 3), played by Angelica Leo, an actress in Medical Dimension.

Secondary characters and guest stars

  • Dottor Cane, the President of the Network (seasons 1-3), played by Arnaldo Ninchi.
  • Orlando Serpentieri, an actor in Gli occhi del cuore (season 1), played by Roberto Herlitzka.
  • Nando Martellone, a comedian and actor in Gli occhi del cuore (seasons 1-2) and Medical Dimension (season 3), played by Massimiliano Bruno.
  • Mario La Rochelle, Stanis' father and aspiring actor in Gli Occhi del cuore (season 1), played by Sergio Fiorentini.
  • Verena, actress in Gli occhi del cuore (season 1), played by Luisa Ranieri.
  • Elena, Alessandro's girlfriend (seasons 1-2), played by Margot Sikabonyi.
  • Albino Corradi, director and René's friend (seasons 1-3), played by Giorgio Tirabassi.
  • Mariano Giusti, actor in Gli occhi del cuore (season 2), played by Corrado Guzzanti.
  • Father Gabrielli, shady priest and Mariano's agent (season 2), played by Corrado Guzzanti.
  • Psychoanalyst, panic attack therapist of Biascica (season 2), played by Emanuela Grimalda.
  • Presenters of the reality show "La casa senza bagno" (The house without a bathroom) (season 2), played by Trio Medusa.
  • Jasmine, an actress in Medical Dimension (season 3), played by Valentina Lodovini.
  • Bruno Staffa, the medical consultant for Medical Dimension (season 3), played by Filippo Timi.
  • Valerio, an actor in Medical Dimension (season 3), played by Marco Giallini.
  • Alessandro Mannarino, actor playing a nurse in Medical Dimension (season 3).
  • Jane Alexander, spectator at the Rome Fiction Fest (season 3).
  • Laura Morante, housewife (season 3).
  • Sergio Brio, Italian retired footballer, as himself in Medical Dimension (season 3).
  • Paolo Sorrentino, Italian director, as himself (season 3).

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