Bohok is a small village in the county of Kronoberg in Småland, Sweden. Approx 5 people live in Bohok on a permanent basis whilst there are some more 10 persons living in Bohok during June–August.

Bohok is located in Sweden
Location in Sweden
Coordinates: 56°38′38″N 13°51′00″E / 56.644°N 13.850°E / 56.644; 13.850Coordinates: 56°38′38″N 13°51′00″E / 56.644°N 13.850°E / 56.644; 13.850
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(edit 2020) Bohok is now a very lively where tourists from all over Sweden and the world comes and visits. For example, people from the small town in southern Sweden called Västervik and people from the country called Denmark and Germany comes and visits. Also people from the Swedish town called Borås comes and visits Bohok centre. Bohok has three houses that people live in but Bohok 2 is the centre of Bohok. In the centre of Bohok it happens very much things and there is party with mooses and reindeers every second week.

In Bohok centre you can ride quad-bikes and you can pet sheeps and cows (the cows you can later on buy as hamburgers at the grocery store). You can also swim in a small cute lake. At the lake there is a paradise beach with magic colored water and you can also snorkel with tropical Swedish fishes (in Swedish the fishes are called gädda, aborre and mört). You can also watch the owner's son fly a drone but the father (aka the owner) cannot fly the drone because he crashes it.

If you want to stay in Bohok centre over night you can bring a tent with you and sleep beside a cow or if you want, beside a sheep (or many sheeps).

Hope you have a fantastic visit in Bohok centre and you can drink beer with the owner.



The information comes from the owners son and he is very experienced of staying in Bohok centre.