Boca Ciega Bay

Boca Ciega Bay is a body of water bordering Gulfport, Florida, St. Petersburg, and other municipalities in Pinellas County.[1] Clam Bayou estuary feeds into the bay.

A December sunset from Clam Bayou Park looking over Boca Ciega Bay
View over a boat ramp on Boca Ciega Bay

Boca Ciega Bay is an aquatic preserve designated in 1968 to halt dredging-and-filling work done in the 1950s. There are mangrove islands as well as miles of canals bounded by seawalls.[2]

Along with the Pinellas County Aquatic Preserve, Boca Ciega Bay provides sandy beaches, mangrove shoreline and submerged habitats such as oyster bars, seagrass beds, coral habitat, and spring-fed caves.[3]

The 185-acre Boca Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole, Florida, is a protected natural area and preserve.[1][4] The park features a 35-foot wooden observation tower with a panoramic view of Boca Ciega Bay. The park is a stop on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's "Great Florida Birding Trail."

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Coordinates: 27°46′26″N 82°45′14″W / 27.774°N 82.754°W / 27.774; -82.754