A black hole is an object with sufficient density that the force of gravity prevents anything from escaping from it except through quantum tunneling behavior.

Black hole may also refer to:



  • Black hole 4 (networking), in computer networking, a place where traffic is silently discarded
  • Blackhole exploit kit, used to install malware on victims' computers
  • DNSBL (DNS-based Black Hole List), used to block spamming IP addresses; they are often called "blackhole lists"
  • Blackhole server, a DNS server that handles reverse lookups of invalid IP ranges
  • bit bucket, in computer programming, a place of permanent oblivion for data
  • Blackhole, one of the storage engines provided by MySQL data.





  • Black Hole of Calcutta, the dungeon in which many British troops and various civilians allegedly died in 1756
  • Black hole (ride), a common name for a ride that is a combination of two popular ride types, the roller coaster and the dark ride
  • Black Hole (roller coaster), a (defunct) rollercoaster at Alton Towers
  • The Black Hole, a ride at the now-defunct Las Vegas location of Wet 'n Wild
  • The Black Hole, a surplus store in Los Alamos, New Mexico, operated by Ed Grothus (1923–2009)
  • The Black Hole, nickname for the home stadium of the Oakland Raiders, especially the end zone section on the home side
  • The Black Hole, a nickname for the tunnel in the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One race
  • The Black Hole, a section of White Canyon, Utah



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  • Micro black hole (also mini black hole or quantum mechanical black hole), a black hole on a quantum level or with quantum effects