Biscomaun Bhawan was the tallest building in Patna and Bihar. It is a public building that houses many of the administrative offices of Bihar.[1] It is 71 meters high. It houses many important offices of the Bihar government, the Government of India, some private company offices,[2] and the Nalanda Open University. It is the only building with a revolving restaurant (Pind Balluchi),[3] and a software park in all of Bihar and Eastern India.

Biscomaun Bhawan
Biscomaun Bhawan, Patna 2014-02-14 10-36.jpg
Biscomaun Bhawan
General information
TypePublic buildings
Architectural styleModern
LocationPatna, Bihar, India
AddressWest Gandhi Maidan Marg
Coordinates25°37′13″N 85°08′22″E / 25.620337°N 85.139448°E / 25.620337; 85.139448Coordinates: 25°37′13″N 85°08′22″E / 25.620337°N 85.139448°E / 25.620337; 85.139448
Current tenantsBihar government
ClientBihar government
OwnerBihar government
LandlordBihar government
Height71 m
Technical details
Floor count18

Important Offices and BusinessesEdit


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