The Bichtenberg is a 400-metre-high hill in the western Wasgau, a region on the Franco-German border that includes the southern part of the Palatine Forest and the northern part of the Vosges. Its northwestern flank is in the parish of Lemberg, its southwestern flank in the parish of Dahn. To the north is the Lemberg hamlet of Salzwoog. Three kilometres west lies the Salzwoog Devil's Table.[1]

Highest point
Elevation400 m (1,300 ft)
Coordinates49°09′35″N 7°43′30″E / 49.15972°N 7.725°E / 49.15972; 7.725Coordinates: 49°09′35″N 7°43′30″E / 49.15972°N 7.725°E / 49.15972; 7.725
LocationRhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Parent rangePalatine Forest
Type of rockBunter sandstone

The Bichteberg, which is made of bunter sandstone[2] is entirely covered in mixed forest crossed by several tracks and forest roads. One route to the summit is also suitable for mountain bikes.[3]