Dhanna Bhagat (born 1415) was a mystic poet and a Vaishnav devotee whose three hymns are present in Adi Granth.[citation needed]

He was born in the village of dhuwa near tehsil Dooni, in the Tonk district of Rajasthan,[1] India in hindu Dhaliwal Jat family.[2]

Max Arthur Macauliffe fixes 1415 as the year of Dhanna's birth, but his name does not appears in the writings of Kabir or Ravidas. The earliest mention of his name is in Mira Bai's songs that proclaims how Dhanna grew cereals without sowing . He was the founder of the swami swami samaj in the state of rajasthan by his mustry and the divine power. Due to which swami caste was. Found in the state of rajasthan.

Divine powersEdit

There are a number of mystical stories about the divine powers of Dhanna Bhagat. One such states that once he was ploughing his fields, a large number of sanyasis (Hindu religious mendicants) came to him hungry and sought food. Dhanna Bhagat gave them all the seeds he had kept for sowing his fields, and ploughed the fields without sowing seeds. The fields produced no food grains, but gourds. When his Jagirdar (land-owner) came to collect the levy, Dhanna Bhagat offered two gourds. Surprised and insulted, the Jagirdar broke the gourds in anger, only to find that they were full of pearls. Bhakti-saint Meera refers to this story in her poem, "sun lijo binati mori, main sharan gahi prabhu teri"[3].[citation needed]

Popular cultureEdit

In 1974, a Punjabi movie called Bhagat Dhanna Jatt, starring Dara Singh, was released.


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