Benoît Dutrizac

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Benoît Dutrizac (born September 2, 1961) is a Canadian journalist and commentator based in Quebec.[1] He is best known as a television host in the 2000s, associated with the news-oriented talk shows Les Francs-Tireurs for Télé-Québec[2] and Dutrizac for TQS.[3]

He subsequently joined CHMP-FM, for whom he hosted a daily talk radio show. In this role he earned a reputation as a shock jock,[4] causing controversy and earning reprimands from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council for encouraging listeners to drive through the predominantly Jewish neighbourhood of Hampstead while loudly honking their horns to flout a municipal bylaw against noisy outdoor activity during Rosh Hashanah,[5] a segment in which he angrily berated an immigrant owner of a convenience store for being unable to communicate in French,[6] and an interview which sexualized the hijab of New Democratic Party candidate Samira Laouni during the 2008 Canadian federal election.[7]

Dutrizac left CHMP-FM in 2017.[8] The following year he joined QUB, Quebecor's new web radio startup, as a morning host.[9]


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