Benjamin Hedericus

Benjamin Hedericus (Benjamin Hederich; December 12, 1675 in Geithain, Germany – July 18, 1748 in Großenhain, Meißen, Germany) was a German lexicographer. He is most notable as the author of a Greek lexicon that was widely used in the Roman Catholic Church in Europe.

He also authored the following:

  • Notitia Auctorum Antiqua et Media
  • Progymnasmata Linguae Graecae
  • Progymnasmata Linguae Latinae
  • Fasti Consulares Romani
  • Reales Schul-Lexicon
  • Lexicon Manuale Graecum - edited and expanded by Johann August Ernesti in 1767
  • Grundliches Mythologisches Lexicon
  • Lexicon Manuale Latino-Germanicum

He edited Empedocles' De Sphaera and a Latin edition of Tertullian.


There was another similarly named individual, Dr Hedericus, who was a Lutheran pastor at Iglau, and an opponent of the Moravian Church in the 16th Century.[citation needed]