Facade of the Beirut City Hall

Beirut City Hall was built in Beirut, Lebanon in 1924,[1] and has become an architectural landmark in the downtown area of Beirut Central District. It features a yellow limestone facade and combines various architectural styles.[1] The building is located on the intersection of Foch Street and Rue Weygand in the city center. The building is in the Venetian and Arabesque architectural styles, a mix that expresses the regional identity of the area. The building was restored after the Lebanese Civil War and it currently houses the office of the Governor of Beirut and the municipal council. It is open to the public and for official registration of documents.

Youssef Aftimus won the design competition for Beirut's City Hall in 1923. He later served as the minister of public works in the 1926-1927 government led by Auguste Basha Adib.


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Coordinates: 33°53′53″N 35°30′21″E / 33.8980°N 35.5058°E / 33.8980; 35.5058