Battle of Langensalza (1761)

The Battle of Langensalza (10 February 1761) was an engagement between French forces and allied Prussian and Hanoverian forces during the Seven Years' War. It was fought near Langensalza in what is now eastern Germany. An allied advance surprised the French, resulting in the capture of 2,000 French soldiers.

Battle of Langensalza
Part of the Seven Years' War
Date15 February 1761
Result Prussian–Hanoverian victory
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm von Syburg
Province of Hanover Friedrich von Spörcken
Kingdom of France Jacques Philippe de Choiseul-Stainville
Electorate of Saxony Friedrich Christoph zu Solms-Wildenfels


Coordinates: 51°06′29″N 10°38′48″E / 51.1080°N 10.6468°E / 51.1080; 10.6468