Baltistan Division is an administrative division of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan.

Skardu is the divisional headquarters of Baltistan Division. Since divisions were restored back in 2008, the division currently consists on six districts:[1]

Tisar Village, Shigar valley
Shigar Bhasha valley road
Shigar river, Zil Shigar
Sesko village, Bhasha valley Shigar
Bisil, Bhasha valley Shigar
Bisil Sunset, Bhasha valley Shigar
Skardu Karakurom Mountain

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  1. ^ Divisions/Districts of Pakistan
    Note: Although divisions as an administrative structure has been abolished, the election commission of Pakistan still groups districts under the division names

Coordinates: 35°21′N 75°52′E / 35.350°N 75.867°E / 35.350; 75.867