Börtlingen is a municipality in the district of Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

Coat of arms of Börtlingen
Coat of arms
Location of Börtlingen within Göppingen district
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Börtlingen is located in Germany
Börtlingen is located in Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates: 48°45′13″N 9°37′55″E / 48.75361°N 9.63194°E / 48.75361; 9.63194Coordinates: 48°45′13″N 9°37′55″E / 48.75361°N 9.63194°E / 48.75361; 9.63194
Admin. regionStuttgart
 • MayorFranz Wenka
 • Total8.26 km2 (3.19 sq mi)
450 m (1,480 ft)
 • Total1,688
 • Density200/km2 (530/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes07161
Vehicle registrationGP


Johanneskirche, Börtlingen, Württemberg. A very old church originating from 1202, and renovated between 1991–2000.
History of the very old Johanneskirche in Börtlingen, Württemberg.
A barn and well in Börtlingen
Börtlingen in Göppingen district


Börtlingen belongs to the marginal zone of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart

Geographical locationEdit

Börtlingen is located in the Schurwald in 334-498 meters above sea level, in a straight line about 6 km north of the county town Göppingen.

Municipality arrangementEdit

To Börtlingen belongs the village Börtlingen, the two Weiler Breech and Zell, the courts Ödweiler and Schweizerhof and the house Schneiderhof and the proofs of former village Oedweiler.[2]

Population developmentEdit

The development between 1837 and 2010.

Date Residents
1837 669
1907 660
17. May 1939 651
13. September 1950 935
27. May 1970 1.311
31. December 1983 1.571
31. December 2000 1.767
31. December 2005 1.798
31. December 2010 1.754

Source: Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart

Economy and InfrastructureEdit


Börtlingen is accessible via the B 297 and the county road K 1408 from Lorch and Göppingen. Local roads lead to Zachersmühle and Oberwälden and about the Kaisersträßle to Adelberg and Oberberken. There is also a bus service to and from Göppingen. In earlier times Börtlingen was connected to the rail network by the former Hohenstaufenbahn (Schwäbisch Gmünd - Göppingen). The station Adelberg-Börtlingen however was located 3.5 km from the town center.


With Paul Roth-school Börtlingen has its own primary school, there is also a Protestant kindergarten . Schools can be reached in Rechberghausen and Göppingen.


Located in the upper part of Börtlingen is the St. John's Church, which was inaugurated in 1202. The original late Gothic building of the present church was built in 1500 and was later in the 18th century probably modeled in Baroque style .[3]

Reinhold Maier Turm Börtlingen District of Göppingen

Between the district Breech and Rattenharz, at the county road K 1408 ( 48 ° 46 '10 "N, 9 ° 38' 29" O is the Reinhold Maier-tower. The observation tower, a former shuttle water tower has a height of about 25 m and can be seen from Börtlingen. It was built in 1914 and was until 2008 in use as a water tower. It could be obtained as a tower by the initiative of the mayor and some citizens.[4][5]


Georg Ganzenberg (born July 14, 1914, died December 22, 2006) was for many years the teacher in Börtlingen and a founding member and honorary member of several associations of Börtlingen.


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